Welcome fearless mortal to the land of the Unknown.
Where you will discover things that will make you scream.
Things that were not meant be uncovered.

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Explicit sex gay scene removed from the final version


Dave Grossman, worked on the first version, and was the third project leader. His question about The Dig Museum:

"Shouldn't it be called The Dig Dig?"

Geri Bertolo, animator and character designer. His deep conclutions on The Dig:

"Evil Dead Brink is NOT your friend!" ;)

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The three real heroes?

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LIVIA MACKING on The Dig SEAN CLARK on Easter Eggs

Q: Tell us about your best LucasArts war story.
A: Hmmmmm... There´s a couple that come to mind (several, actually). The last month of The Dig in general was pretty crazy. It´s really a blur. I know we were there almost constantly, which is probably why i remember it as one long 720 hour day!
Easter eggs are special messages, images, or sounds hidden within a game. They have no
specific function within a game other than to amuse players. But just like their real world
counterparts, they serve as special "treats" for those who are lucky enough to find them.

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Dr. Ludger Brink Missing