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May 14, 2010 (Last Update)

Hi there magic friends!

Welcome to The Dig Museum's First Anniversary Celebration!

"The Dig Museum is now under construction. Soon it will be opened and you´ll have a lot to discover in it. If you have any ideas on this new site or you just want to know before anyone else about this site´s release, just write to us at: digmuseum@xxxxxx.com"
My first words in the site, two years ago. At that time I knew nothing about the journey that expected me, so luckily it was a really nice surprise how everything turned out.
So, two years in the making, and one whole year since we opened our doors to this wonderful info about The Dig. It feels good.

Thanks a lot to everyone who have been visiting the site this year. I hope you keep coming!
If you want more nostalgia about this day, get into my journal.

Now, time to check all the goodies we have prepared for this special occasion.


Tonight (December 12) we are having a special virtual party. We created a chatroom, so that today at 11 PM GMT (you make the math to figure out what time it is in your country) you can join me (Sam, your lovely host) to talk about The Dig, the site, and lot's of stuff. You don't need to be a The Dig fan to come over, if you like The Dig, or have enjoyed the site, or just want to be there, you are welcome.
We are also going to have the presence of Robin Alexander (our 3D artist, and director of The Dig Tour) which will be answering and talking about The Dig Tour. We might as well feature some other staff members too.

What are you waiting? Join the PARTY!


You know me, I love posters. I haven't made a poster for The Dig Museum since we opened, so this was a perfect moment to create a new one. Enjoy it!


I have made a track featuring The Dig voices a long time ago (November 13, 2004), and I think I've never found the chance to put it here. This again, was the perfect occasion to release it along another voices-based track from Dj Jabberwocky made very recently.

- The Attila Beat by Sam (5.18 MB): Download!

- Nothing More To Dig Up by DJ Jabberwocky (2.86 MB): Download!


The (almost) year before opening the site, I had created a couple of videos and trailers which were meant to set the mood on what was about to come in The Dig Museum. Since the site's opening those videos weren't no longer available, so, for the stimulation of your senses, here they are again!

- Final Trailer

- PenUltimate 2000 Ad

- PenUltimate Ad

- Coming on 2005

- The Teaser Trailer


Oh, yes! The Dig Museum's first real piece of entertainment. I had such a great time making Vacations On Cocytus and Brink Live that I should one more time try to do another piece of audio drama. For those of you who haven't heard it or just want to smile again at them:

- Vacations On Cocytus

- Brink Live


Did you know that there is an easter egg in The Dig Museum? no? really? but It was there since the site opened.

Well, I can't tell you where is it, and I shouldn't tell you that from now and then I "add" stuff to "it". I think I definitely shouldn't give you this link. Sorry.


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