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May 14, 2010 (Last Update)

This interviews are a complete exclusivity of The Dig Museum. With time we will keep adding more interviews.
There is no better way to know about The Dig's development than talking to it's own creators. Click on the pictures to go to the selected interview.

The blind digging mice
An interview with Blind Mice Studio.
They designed the package for The Dig.
Black tea and carbon
An interview with Bill Tiller.
He was the lead artist on The Dig.
Moving the characters
An interview with Geri Bertolo.
He did the animations for the characters on The Dig.
In code we trust
An interview with Gary Brubaker.
He was the lead programmer on The Dig.
The voices are heard
An interview with Julian Kwasneski.
He was an assitant voice editor on The Dig.
Editing scissors
An interview with Dave Grossman.
He was the third project leader on The Dig.
The genesis
An interview with Noah Falstein.
He was the first project leader on The Dig project.
Digital hit men
A lil interview with Cody Chancellor.
He was a 3D artist at Mechadeus working on The Dig.
Born to draw
An interview with Anson Jew.
He did animations for the first two version of The Dig.
Music in the air
An interview with Michael Land.
He composed the music for The Dig.
The voice lady
An interview with Khris Brown.
She was the senior voice editor on The Dig.
Romantic memories
An interview with Bill Eaken.
He did most of the backgrounds and set the visual style for The Dig.
A game into words
An interview with Alan Dean Foster.
He adapted the LucasArts game into a novel.
Bugged out
An interview with Ryan Kaufman.
He was a tester on The Dig.
Behind the frames
An interview with Graham Annable.
He worked as an animator on The Dig.

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