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May 14, 2010 (Last Update)

Having stucked in The Dig? Need support with the game? Want to cook better? Want to hear a joke? Have existential questions? There is one person (or... thing) that has all the answers. The great jedi master Yoda. He has 500 years of experience and knowledge to share.
Mail your question to: digmuseum [at] gmail.com
and in the subject: Ask Yoda

You can also contact Yoda on his Help Desk at LucasArts. But only regarding support issues.
Yoda's Help Desk

New Questions every month
Help you I can, mmhh

Dear Yoda.
I very much enjoy both The Dig and the unfolding drama within the Star Wars universe. You are a great hero for the Rebel Alliance. I have a Force-related, existential question for you, if you don't mind.
The great Jedi philosopher René Descartes made the famous statement: 'I Think, therefore I am.' If you think more, it means that you exist more as a defined personality and entity.
Therefore, is it possible that playing puzzle games like The Dig, Myst, Rama and others, can increase your magnitude of existence?

Yoda: Only with long hours of chess you will achieve such mental greatness. Half-hour breaks of Tetris also will help. With you, may the force be padawan.

Good Morning Mr Yoda,
will there be High-Resolution-Poster-Downloads of the fine THE-DIG-Art?
Yoda: Unfortunately, the art available from the game in low-resolution all is. If eventually access we have to hi-def art, larger posters we'll provide.

Yoda, why are you such a coward? When I listened to George Lucas's commentary on how Grievous always runs away when the situation escalates, I couldn't help but note that you did the exact same thing. Why are you even labeled a great warrior if all you can do is jump all around achieving nothing? And what were you hoping to gain by exiling yourself? Why not offer assistance every now and then from Dagobah or something. I can't help but think that all you do is turn your back to people when a real warrior would have done everything he could.
Yoda: Very old I am, great experience I have to know what is from me to do. In your 600 years I would like to see, what would you do.... other than watch your tivo.
Why I bother answering to nerdies.... I do not know...

Almighty Master Yoda,
can you tell us once and for all why Qui-Gon Jinn had to be burried and did not just disapear to be one with the force like you and Obiwan and Vader?
Yoda: Because Qui Gon, the first to discover that he was. After I left to exile, teached this abillity to Obi Wan I had.

Master Yoda,
If I cannot come to you for technical support then to whom should go to seek council? Lucasarts? ... or should I ask Master Windu?... bet HE would know....

Yoda: HE would....but DEAD he is!! oh yes, awful truth... (oh, yes, this comment includes spoilers... forgot I have)

My name is Monica-Gon Jinn.
I always wanted to know about my father Qui-Gon Jinn. I know this hard for you to understand this, but he is my father. He married my mother Arina-Gon Jinn.

Will I be able to talk to him though the force to get to him?
Yoda: Indeed, but afraid I am, that he left his answering-machine on.

Master Yoda,
I am wondering how I can run the Dig on my current iMac. I've got Mac OS X 10.3.9. I tried running it but all it did was cause the screen to turn to multicoloured static. I could hear everything fine. Also, there was a small black box in the middle of the screen where I'm guessing the image was supposed to be. I'm at a loss, Master Yoda. I could use your council.
Yoda: a Jedi Master, I am! not a cursed technical support. The game, from 1995 it was. So surprised are you that it does not work on your Tiger?

I've just dug out my old version of the dig and would like to run it on a xp system. It run ok but I have no sound.

Can yoda help?

Thank you
Harvey edwards

Ps I tried scummvm as recomended from dimuseam, but can't get to what I need.
Yoda: Contact the ScummVM people you must. AND DO NOT BOTHER ME WITH THIS....AGAIN!

Hi there...i was wondering...
a) have you watched Saint Seiya® by any chance? there's a character that is a mere copy of the Yoda concept® (old and wise little green man)...you should do something about that.
And b) how do you persuade girls who play fiddle that you are what they need?
Thanks for your time oh great yedi master Yoda ®
Yoda: Okey, let's see, hum.
a) watched those silly anime cartoons, I had. My lawyers, two million dollars, made me win in a trial to that japanese.
b) Pretty easy, that is. Show them your "Stradivarius", you must. he he he, if you know what I mean...humm.

Q: Can you provide me with any information on the alien species which is present one of the moving slides in the museum in the museum spire. I believe they were in the forth slide to the far right, and I think I remember them offering a gift to the Cocytons.
Another question, can you provide me with any information about the species of alien who obviously crashed their ship in the centre plateau, in which you obtain the alien metal detector. Details such as whether or not this ship has anything to do with the aliens in the slide mentioned above, and what the ship looked like in its entirety before it crashed and rusted would be excellent.
A: Long question this is. The alien species shown on the museum displays, ETs are. A joke this is not. A reference to Spielberg's famous movie this was.
There is no information in the game about the crashed ship, so no other choice but to use your imagination you have. Certain of what it really was you'll never be.

Q: Is it possible to run THE DIG under Windows XP?
A: Possible it is. ScummVM you'll need.

Q: How do I rotate the pieces of the turtle?
A: TAB, you must press.

Q: What is Brink's Accent?
A: German, or maybe British. Meditate on this I will.

Q: Is "THE DIG" ever said in the dialogue?
A: No, its never said. A stupid question this was. Is "Star Wars" ever said in the movie?....wasting my wisdom.

Q: So why is the game called "THE DIG"?
A: Lot of digging Boston Low does. Dig your way out this alien planet you need. Dig to uncover the buried mysteries and tragic past of this ancient world you must.

Q: Can you break your promise with Maggie and bring her back to life?
A: Break your promise, you can. Different ending you´ll see.

Q: What are those Ghosts that appear to "help" Boston?
A: With the Inventor you must talk.

Q: The inventor is the bloke in the tomb right? So who is this Creator I keep hearing?
A: The same person they are. Buy a brain, you certainly need.

Q: Are the inventor/creator and the leader the same Cocytan?
A: No. Only at the end, the leader appears. I miss Owi Wan...

Q: I am stuck, I can't complete the game! I WANT TO KILL MYSELF!
A: Do it then. And to the world a favour you´ll make. For this sh**, too old I am... Kill him I could have.


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